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A 2017 report from IDC found that the data protection and recovery software market was not growing as fast as it had in previous years – dropping to a 2.1% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from a 6.8% CAGR in 2016. There was much more impressive growth among some players though: smaller providers grew at 14.5%, while one vendor outdid that rate with 26.6% growth. That vendor? Veeam.

With Veeam, you would be utilizing a solution that has now been adopted by nearly three-quarters (74%) of Fortune 500 companies. This article looks at basics related to data protection itself and then lays out specific strengths of Veeam.

Data protection – the basics

To ensure that you do not have your data lost or stolen, and so that you maintain its integrity, data protection is critical. It is particularly important to concern yourself with safeguarding information since maintaining uptime allows people to get to their records without any hitches. The volume of information is also increasing, as is the understanding of its value – factors that further expand the need for data protection.

Business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR) and operational data backup both fall under the heading of data protection. Building these defenses into your business is not just important but necessary. Maintaining privacy of information and preventing data breaches are critical to safeguarding information. Also, setting up stringent safeguards for data serves an important function since maintaining availability is so important to organizations. Notably, hyper-availability is the centerpiece of the Veeam approach.

Two directions for data protection

The two key ways in which data protection is developing are data management and data availability. A complete plan that is used to protect information from hardware failure, disruptions or outages, malicious incidents, or user and software errors, called information lifecycle management, is a primary practice within data management. A simpler concern is data lifecycle management, through which the transmission of information to storage is automated. Data management is also used to get as much value as possible out of data via analytics, reporting, and testing or development.

Data availability is key because, regardless if you lose data or it becomes damaged, you will still be able to get users the correct data seamlessly. Along with robust data management, Veeam managed data protection offers hyper-availability so that your information is always at your fingertips – ready to propel insights and innovations.

Reasons data protection is so important

For various reasons, you need to protect your data:

  • Compliance – You need to comply with regulations in order to avoid fines, lawsuits, and other expenses that arise from breaches. One of the key ones for any organizations that handle user information online is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from the European Union (EU), which just went into effect in May. Violations of the GDPR can lead to fines up to 4% of the previous-year global revenue of an organization. That is just one example of regulatory compliance – and costs extend far beyond the fines to forensics, lawsuits, and other expenses.
  • Security – You want to be certain that all your data is accurate. When customers or staff enter information, you must verify that there are no mistakes or otherwise incorrect data. In order to make sure that fraud is not occurring, your systems and services should confirm that contact details, banking account numbers, and other information is accurate and not being used illicitly. Bank accounts can be compromised, for instance.
  • Best practices – Beyond concerns with compliance and security, you want to know that your information is only used in the manner that you expect it to be used – only in ways that are relevant and defined. Data should not be kept on-hand any longer than is needed, and during that time it should be kept safe. These best practices apply especially when you are marketing, changing staff records, or onboarding new staff members.

Of course some of your information is higher priority than other information is. You want to protect especially sensitive information so that it is not taken in identity theft, phishing, or other fraudulent efforts. Key pieces of data include full names, health data, credit card or bank information, phone numbers, emails, and addresses.

Cloud data protection

In order to safeguard your information that is at-rest or in-motion within cloud environments, you can leverage cloud data protection to utilize the best security and storage methods. You can meet a few core needs through this approach:

  • infrastructure security – To keep your storage and cloud servers secure, you need these policies and techniques.
  • storage management – Edit, copy, and access to data are logged through this feature. Data access is also enabled via an interface that is highly available and secure.
  • integrity – In order to keep information from being corrupted or altered by unauthorized parties, encryption is in place. Data maintains the same form it has in storage.

If you need managed data protection for your cloud ecosystem, you can achieve that through data protection as a service (DPaaS) – which is offered through a Veeam-powered Total Server Solutions plan.

Features of data protection

For secure storage, you can use tape or disk backup in order to copy data to a tape cartridge or disk-based storage. When alterations are made to data, you can leverage continuous data protection (CDP) to maintain safety. For speedier data recovery, you can more easily get to data that is on a disk or tape via creation of links within automatically created storage snapshots. You can also get an identical copy of files or a website via mirroring.

For strong data protection, backup has always been fundamental. Traditionally that involved backing up every night – or in some other defined regular interval – to a tape library or drive. These backups could then be tapped if data became damaged or lost. Today data backup has become much more sophisticated, seamless, and user-friendly.

Why Veeam?

Managed data protection with Veeam is centered on delivering hyper-availability. This hyper-availability is tricky because data environments have become so complex in recent years, with security safeguards a mandatory best practice as it flows through multi-cloud ecosystems. Defending your data is absolutely critical because of how important data has become to broadening the insights of organizations and allowing prediction of fluctuations in demand. With the data properly protected and uncorrupted, you are also able to glean from it all you can, innovating more rapidly and reducing time-to-market.

Beyond hyper-availability and the prominence within the Fortune 500 (see introduction), other reasons that Veeam managed data protection is a strong choice include the following:

  • Savings – The strength of Veeam is key because downtime is incredibly expensive: $5600 per minute, according to Gartner! Avoid those expenses, along with the reduction in staff confidence and brand value resulting from downtime, with a high-availability solution.
  • Simplicity – It is simple to deploy and use, particularly with a managed services provider such as Total Server Solutions.
  • Speed – If recovery is needed, you can leverage the industry’s fastest recovery time to get your apps, servers, and files back up and running.

Launching your Veeam managed data protection solution

Do you want to see how protecting your data through a managed Veeam solution can improve your business? At Total Server Solutions, Veeam fits with our general focus on information security, which includes an SSAE 16 Type II audit – proving our adherence to a standard designed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. To learn more about Veeam managed data protection and our other security offerings, contact us today.