7 Steps to a HIPAA-Compliant Risk Analysis

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HIPAA risk analysis - steps to achieve - doctor on laptop

As you consider your risk analysis and efforts to keep it HIPAA-compliant, it is helpful to understand that the notion of risk is inherently context-based. Whenever you think about risk, initial questions to ask yourself are: What asset am I attempting to protect? What are potential threats? What must be defended? How substantial is the… Read more »

GDPR Has Launched – 7 Steps to Compliance

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Juggling security to protect sensitive customer data - GDPR compliance steps - General Data Protection Regulation

While there are borders between nations, the world is integrally connected. That is perhaps nowhere more evident than in the marketplace of the Internet. The interconnection that the Web allows also means that security is a huge priority, since no one wants anyone who is unauthorized accessing their confidential data. Sometimes legislation will be passed… Read more »

Why SSAE Compliant Hosting?

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Why SSAE Compliant Hosting

Accounting and information technology (IT) are very much connected; and the creation of financial statements must be founded on the principles of reliability and accuracy. After all, what good are numbers that do not reflect the real situation? Furthermore, when money is involved, the potential for fraud will naturally be high.   While it may… Read more »