6 Best Practices for Ecommerce

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Best practices for ecommerce success -- gear representing putting best practices to work for your business

More than half of Americas (51%) now prefer online to in-person shopping. Since people are buying increasingly online, the competition in the market is also tightening. Implementing best practices is increasingly important if you want your business to perform well and continue to grow at a steady rate in the years ahead. Best practices for… Read more »

Why Performance Matters for Your Website

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high performance site as fast as a cheetah

We all know how speed-obsessed the economy is in the digital era. Tiny fractions of a second can make a difference on the extent to which our company survives and thrives. There are numerous reasons that site speed is beneficial to your organization. The search engine optimization (SEO) impact deserves special consideration. To better understand… Read more »

What makes the cloud so fast?

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The Total Server Solutions Cloud is truly high performance.  Our cloud platform boasts some of the highest performance levels in the industry.    We tested a myriad of storage solutions prior to our engineers deciding on the system we have in place today.  The heart of the Total Server Solutions Cloud is our SolidFire SAN storage… Read more »