11 Ecommerce Communication Mistakes – and Solutions

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sheep bleating as communication -- importance of communication to ecommerce -- common problems and solutions

Understanding how to communicate effectively to online shoppers is a question that every ecommerce company must ask constantly and from many different perspectives. One way to look at ecommerce communication is in terms of problem-solving. Here are seven common mistakes, along with solutions:  Mistake #1: Not communicating enough  Solution: Understandably, the work of running an… Read more »

Why Performance Matters for Your Website

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high performance site as fast as a cheetah

We all know how speed-obsessed the economy is in the digital era. Tiny fractions of a second can make a difference on the extent to which our company survives and thrives. There are numerous reasons that site speed is beneficial to your organization. The search engine optimization (SEO) impact deserves special consideration. To better understand… Read more »

Best Practices for 404s and Other Error Pages

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website best practices error pages 404 pages opportunity

You may have been considering a new approach to your 404 error page. Before we get into 404 errors specifically, it helps to briefly survey the various types of error message pages you want to have. 404 page It is important to give a user a 404 page if they try to go to nameofyourwebsite.net/whateverthisis… Read more »

How to Secure a Data Center

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image of data center diversity and isolation for security

The nonprofit Identity Theft Resource Center keeps an ongoing record of incidents involving data compromise. The information is gathered from government agency releases and articles in the press. This effort started on January 1, 2005. Between that point and February 7, 2018, the organization has logged more than 8600 breaches, with a staggering 1.07 billion… Read more »

8 Major 2018 Technology Trends

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internet of things

The percentage of the world’s population using the Internet has grown by huge amounts since 1995: December 1995 – 4% (16 million) December 2000 – 5.8% (361 million) December 2005 – 15.7% (1.018 billion) September 2010 – 28.8% (1.971 billion) December 2015 – 46.4% (3.366 billion) June 2017 – 51.7% (885 billion). As that population… Read more »