8 Tenacious Ecommerce Myths

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There are many ways that ecommerce companies make mistakes. Key ones include a failure to focus on social media, requiring account creation to buy, racing through the images, not centering on your products, and relocating a frequently used site feature. Ecommerce mistakes of all types first come from myths or misconceptions held by ecommerce professionals…. Read more »

Online Growth Trends 2019: Ecommerce (Part 1 of 3)

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how ecommerce is changing

Every year at the New Year, individuals use resolutions to improve themselves – which often means getting into shape or kicking an unhealthy habit. In this way individuals optimize themselves. Since people are thinking along these lines about themselves, it follows that the leaders of businesses are also thinking in this way. Since that’s the… Read more »

6 Best Practices for Ecommerce

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Best practices for ecommerce success -- gear representing putting best practices to work for your business

More than half of Americas (51%) now prefer online to in-person shopping. Since people are buying increasingly online, the competition in the market is also tightening. Implementing best practices is increasingly important if you want your business to perform well and continue to grow at a steady rate in the years ahead. Best practices for… Read more »

What Mistakes Do E-Commerce Companies Make with Mobile?

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Mobile Mistakes for eCommerce Sites

Many of us operate within the business world with a desktop or laptop computer as our primary tool with which we access the web. However, the growth of mobile computing over the last few years has really been astounding. It would be an easy argument that the real face of the internet now is not… Read more »