6 Best Practices for Ecommerce

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Best practices for ecommerce success -- gear representing putting best practices to work for your business

More than half of Americas (51%) now prefer online to in-person shopping. Since people are buying increasingly online, the competition in the market is also tightening. Implementing best practices is increasingly important if you want your business to perform well and continue to grow at a steady rate in the years ahead. Best practices for… Read more »

Best Practices for 404s and Other Error Pages

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website best practices error pages 404 pages opportunity

You may have been considering a new approach to your 404 error page. Before we get into 404 errors specifically, it helps to briefly survey the various types of error message pages you want to have. 404 page It is important to give a user a 404 page if they try to go to nameofyourwebsite.net/whateverthisis… Read more »