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Do you need to add wild card DNS to your server via WHM?

You can add a wildcard entry for your domain name via the WHM account. To access WHM, you would login via the following link:

Where “” is the vps or dedicated servers ip address. You need the root login information in order to access WHM.

1. Log into WHM as the root user.

2. Click Edit DNS Zone, under “DNS Functions” on the left-side menu.

3. Choose the zone you want to add a wildcard to, and click edit.

4. Then scroll down until you see “Add New Entries Below this Line”.

5. Put a * in the first box.

6. Select A from the drop down.

7. Next put the IP in the box that is on the right of the “A” dropdown.

8. Click Save.

In most cases it is just easier to add a * subdomain via the cPanel interface for the domain in question. More information about this procedure can be found in the link below.

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When you access a folder, or the main page on the site, you see a directory structure instead of a website.  Most times you do not want your visitors to view the structure of your site and instead you would want to either redirect the visitor to an alternate location, or redirect them to a specific file.

The majority of times these situations are run into when you have a section for forums or for your online store which is installed in it’s own directory (xcart, phpbb, forum etc).  When a visitor comes to your main page of your site they see folders for the different areas instead of the actual content you want them to see. If you would like to configure it so that the webpages show up instead of the directory listing you can do one of three options:

  1. Create an index.html file which would act as a welcome screen before entering the store.
  2. Create a redirect using the /cpanel. From inside /cpanel click on redirect visitors to your site to different pages. For more information on redirects, please see the Redirect Article in the Knowledgebase
  3. Move the contents of your store folder into the /public_html folder. If you do this, remember to change the config.php file’s path and also verify the configurations in your Admin Section for the database.

The most common solution by users seems to be to add an index.html or index.htm file to the folder and stop the visitor from viewing the files and folders in the site.

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To add a cron job you would simply log in into cPanel and find Cron Jobs.  Cron jobs, actually they’re  ‘cron daemon’ but cron jobs is easier to say and easy to use and set up.

First, your script or software will come with their own command line you would use.  Simply copy and paste this in the field called “Command Line” and your all set.  If you would like to edit the command line you would simply change the “*” in the command like to 0 which would represents the minutes, hour, day, etc.

To edit the time, view the following:

0 * * * *

In this example, the 0 * * * * represents when the tash should happen. The “0” in the example repesents minutes – in this case “Zero” minute, or top of the hour. (If the number were 10 for instance, then the action would take place 10 minutes past the hour.) The “*” represent hour, day, month and day of the week. A * is a wildcard, meaning “every time.”

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Total Server Solutions announced today that they have acquired Hands-On Web Hosting.  This marks an influx of new talent as well as an increased number of accounts under the technical management of Total Server Solutions.

Hands-On was in operation from 1999 until acquired by Total Server Solutions at the end of 2013.  Over that time, they grew to become a leader in providing hosted services ranging from shared hosting packages, cloud based hosting, virtual & dedicated servers, and e-commerce hosting.  Over time, the products and services formerly offered by Hands-On will merge with what is offered by Total Server Solutions.  This process will result in a wider array of options to existing and new customers at Total Server Solutions. The product options and levels of service provided by Hands-On staff members aligned well with Total Server Solutions operational capabilities and provides services to customers.

As part of this acquisition, members of the Hands-On staff are joining forces with the technicians at Total Server Solutions.  Emerson Nogueira, COO at Total Server Solutions states that “This acquisition is about more than simply acquiring a competing company.  The influx of expertise from Hands-On provides a great boost to our already top-notch technical team here at Total Server Solutions.  The result of the incoming technicians is an increased pool of talent which our customers can draw upon.”

In addition to bringing new product offerings and additional technical personnel, this acquisition provides existing customers of Hands-On with access to the world-class infrastructure and facilities of the Total Server Solutions family of brands.  Ryan DiRocco, CTO at Total Server Solutions states that “We are working closely with existing customers of Hands-On to migrate their accounts, data, and entire servers on to equipment and facilities on the Total Server Solutions network.  In the majority of cases this will result in significant upgrades to the server specifications of customer equipment.”

This stands as the second acquisition that Total Server Solutions has completed within the past three months.  In November of 2013, Front Range Hosting was acquired and is currently in the process of transitioning into the Total Server Solutions line up.  As with Front Range Hosting, Hands-On provides not just an increase in customer base, but an increase in technical staffing.  Gary Simat, CEO at Total Server Solutions states “Providing outstanding service to our existing customers as well as to customers of business we acquire is key to our long term success.  We believe that we provide one of the best customer experiences in the hosted services industry and we know what with our team standing behind them, our customers will succeed.”

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Total Server Solutions (, has made comprehensive updates and improvements to their popular website. The new site makes it easier for customers & visitors to navigate the site. Total Server Solutions is a top-tier managed server, server management, and technical services provider based in Atlanta, Georgia. Their team offers round-the-clock technical assistance and rapid attention to customer needs. The new website and updated blog will help keep customers up to speed and in the know.

Some of the changes include:

  • Updated menu system to simplify navigation.
  • Fully responsive design to enable ease of viewing on mobile devices.
  • Content improvements to better explain services & products.
  • Information on achievement of SSAE-16 compliance.
  • Streamlined order process to help customers get what they need, when they need it.
  • Updated blog to help keep customers informed and up to date.

Eric Gregory, Director of Marketing at Total Server Solutions states “Prior to this update, our last major website redesign was back in 2011. We felt some major updates and design changes were needed to reflect the growth of our company. We always strive for ease of use and clarity in our site so improving the look and feel of our site as well as including better accessibility on mobile devices.”

In addition to this major redesign, Total Server Solutions will continue to update, improve, and streamline the site with periodic usability studies and testing. Gary Simat, CEO at Total Server Solutions sums it up by saying “Our goal is to make life easy for our customers. We are relentless in providing the best experience possible for our customers and visitors. To that end, we intend to continually improve our customer-facing materials to the same exacting standards with which we improve our internal infrastructure and systems.”

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COLO@ today announced that they will begin the second phase of expansion at their ATL2 datacenter at 34 Peachtree St. in Atlanta, GA. While the facility already boasts fully redundant power, network, and cooling capabilities, this expansion will enhance all of these areas.

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As businesses grow their webhosting and IT needs evolve.  Most businesses start small with a single server, maybe two.  As they grow and gain customers it’s not just the servers that need to be upgraded and expanded.  With more customers, more accounts, and more servers, the IT staff needs to grow, train, and deploy solutions in a time conscious manner.  Face it, building out a complete IT department to watch over your servers gets time consuming and expensive.

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