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Your Joomla! site is working well.  But, you want to increase its speed and keep engagement with your visitors as high as possible.  What’s a quick, easy way to do it?  By using a CDN.  Our fully featured Content Delivery Network integrates seamlessly with Joomla!  To show you just how easy it is, we’ve created a brief tutorial to get you started.  This tutorial will show you how to install the NoNumber CDN for Joomla! extension.

1.  Login to your Joomla! Admin Panel.

JoomlaLogin - CDN

2.  Go to Extensions > Extension ManagerExtension-MGR-Select

3.  Once you’re in the Extension Manager, select Install from URL then copy this URL into the Install URL input field:  Then click Install.

install-from-url - joomla

4.  Next click Manage from the left side of of your browser window.


5.  When you get into the Extension Manager, simply enter “CDN” in the search field.  This will bring up the CDN extension you just installed.  Simply, check the box next to System – NoNumber CDN for Joomla!  And click Enable.  This will enable the extension.


6.  Next, click Extension and then select Plugin Manager.  Then search for CDN and click name of the CDN plugin “System – NoNumber CDN for Joomla!”


7.  The final step involves entering the CDN hostname given to you by your CDN provider.  Enter it in the CDN Domain text field, then click Save.  That’s it.  You’re good to go!


Using the power of a CDN with your Joomla! site is a great way to increase performance.  You’ll also notice improvements in SEO.  One of the things that Google takes into account is speed, so the faster your site loads, the better.    

If you have any questions about using a CDN with your site, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our technicians.  We’re always here and we’re always ready to help!