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The COLO@ team is proud to announce that we’ve joined the Phoenix-IX peering exchange for our Phoenix location.  As you know, we operate data centers in Atlanta, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Chicago, Clifton, and Dallas and participates in various peering arrangements across their facilities.

The Phoenix-IX exchange offers connections up to 10 gbps for both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic.  An ICANN managed L-Root server is collocated within the exchange.  Of the four internet exchanges in the Phoenix area, Phoenix-IX has the second largest traffic flow and the greatest number of active peers.

Paul Emmons, founder of the Phoenix-IX exchange said “We are excited to have COLO@ participate in the exchange.  COLO@ is the third participant with a national strategy to activate.  It’s great that participants like COLO@ see the value in peering whenever and wherever possible.”

Gary Simat, CEO of COLO@ stated “Peering agreements provide our customers with a great way to get great routes in specific geographical areas. Our latest agreement with Phoenix-IX is another way to provide our customers in the Phoenix area with great traffic options.”