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On the night of Tuesday, June 30, 2015 (going into July 1, UTC) there will be a leap second added to timekeeping.  One second doesn’t sound like much, but it has the potential to cause problems.  This article will describe a leap second and list potential issues from various operating systems.


What is a leap second?

Simply put, a leap second is a second which gets added to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).  This second is added to synchronize atomic clocks with astronomical time.  The precision achieved is to within 0.9 seconds.

Leap seconds are added once in a while.  This is due to the fact that the rotation of the Earth around its axis slows down over time, albeit very gradually.  The time discrepancy between astronomical time and the time measured by atomic clocks becomes apparent due to this slow down.  The speed of Earth’s rotation is not absolute whereas an atomic clock (a time keeping device that underpins timekeeping across the Internet) will keep counting uniformly for millions of years.  The simple fact is that atomic clocks are actually too accurate.

Adding a leap second is a way to maintain coherence between astronomical time and atomic clocks.

How often does this happen?

Leap seconds get added every few years.  Since 1972, a total of 25 leap seconds have been added.  What this means is that over the past 43 years the rotation of the earth has slowed down by 25 seconds when compared to the time kept by atomic clocks.  The last time a leap second was added was June 30, 2012.

How will the new leap second affect your IT equipment?  Are there any known issues?

While it doesn’t sound like much, the leap second can in fact cause some problems.  Eric Brogdon, one of our most experienced technicians has come up with a list of known issues and are included here for you to peruse.


Known Issues (Red Hat)

Errata RHEA-2012-0356 did ensure on RHEL3/4/5/6 that the leap second inserted at the end of June, 2012 is properly recognized also on systems that are not connected via NTP.


  1. There is a chance that the printing of this message can cause the kernel to crash in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4; this issue is documented inSystem hangs on printing the leap second insertion message.
  2. Ensure that tzdata-2015a-1.el4 or later is installed so that this leap second may be inserted for systems not synchronized by ntpd; this package was released fromRHEA-2015:0141-1.


  1. There is a chance that the printing of this message can cause the kernel to crash in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5; this issue is documented inSystem hangs on printing the leap second insertion message.
  2. Ensure that tzdata-2015a-1.el5 or later is installed so that this leap second may be inserted for systems not synchronized by ntpd; this package was released fromRHEA-2015:0141-1.


  1. There is a chance that a system can hang once it receives notification of the insertion of a leap second; this issue is documented inSystems hang due to leap-second livelock.
  2. After the leap second has been inserted futex heavy applications began consuming a large amount of CPU; this issue is documented inWhy is there high CPU usage after inserting the leap second?.
  3. Ensure that tzdata-2015a-1.el6 or later is installed so that this leap second may be inserted for systems not synchronized by ntpd; this package was released fromRHEA-2015:0141-1.
  4. The TAI offset is not updated correctly during the leap second; this issue is documented inTAI offset is incorrect during the leap second.
  5. Using-x with ntp still results in instantaneous clock changes when leap second occurs; this issue is documented in Does Red Hat plan to release xleap.patch with ntp?.
  6. Absolute timers may fire early when the leap second is inserted; this issue is documented inAbsolute Timers that Expire at Midnight UTC May Fire Early When the Leap Second is Inserted.


  1. Ensure that tzdata-2015a-1.el7 or later is installed so that this leap second may be inserted for systems not synchronized by ntpd; this package was released fromRHEA-2015:0141-1.
  2. Using-x with ntp still results in instantaneous clock changes when leap second occurs; this issue is documented in Does Red Hat plan to release xleap.patch with ntp?.
  3. Absolute timers may fire early when the leap second is inserted; this issue is documented inAbsolute Timers that Expire at Midnight UTC May Fire Early When the Leap Second is Inserted.

In addition to the issues tracked above it is possible that application-specific issues will arise if the leap second was not considered during development. Issues of this nature are documented inLibraries and Applications do not account for the Leap Second.

Note: Red Hat recommends that customers using PPC and IA64 architectures use the method described under Systems not running NTP or PTP.


UCS Fabric interconnect reload or switchover may occur due to Leap second update.

UCS Version 2.2(x).
This problem does not occur on 2.1 or before.

Disable NTP at least one day (24 hrs) prior to the event. NTP servers typically send the information concerning the upcoming leap second up to a full day in advance.
After the occurrence of the leap second you can safely re-enable NTP.

Further Problem Description:
There is a known Linux Kernel caveat (discussed in public forum at
linux-server-crashes-today?answertab=active#tab-top). UCS 2.2.x version runs the affected version of the Kernel.

– See more at:


This is by no means an exhaustive list.  It should serve as a base from which you can research to see if your particular environment may be susceptible to issues stemming from the leap second.  If you have any questions though, please do not hesitate to contact our technical team.  We’re always happy to help.


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The ITU (Internet Telecommunication Union) predicts that 3.2 billion people, half of the global population, will use the Internet in 2015.  The sheer numbers of people using the power of the Internet provides some tremendous opportunities for businesses with an ecommerce presence.


Take advantage of the power and strength of the Total Server Solutions network to get your business in front of the most people possible.  We have services to meet any need you have, all the way from a small website or blog right on up to services capable of powering the largest ecommerce websites imaginable.


Have a look at the ITU report and then contact us to find out how to get your business up to speed, fast.



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The Total Server Solutions Cloud is truly high performance.  Our cloud platform boasts some of the highest performance levels in the industry.    We tested a myriad of storage solutions prior to our engineers deciding on the system we have in place today.  The heart of the Total Server Solutions Cloud is our SolidFire SAN storage solution.

100% SSD Based Storage

All of our cloud storage is based on SSD technology.  With zero moving parts, and low power usage it provides an extremely reliable way to store your data.  Where SSD truly shines though is speed.  Our SAN is fast, seriously fast.  The goal of our engineering team in building our cloud platform was to provide an industry-beating, high-performance cloud platform that could handle anything our customers could throw at it.  But, being fast wasn’t enough, we had the goal of guaranteeing levels of performance to our customers.  Having one of the fastest SAN systems in the world doesn’t mean much unless performance can be controlled and guaranteed.SolidFireRack

What are IOPS?

IOPS stands for Input/Output Operations Per Second.  It’s the key measurement in benchmarking performance in storage systems such as hard drives and SSD drives, and SAN systems.

Guaranteed IOPS

With our SSD based SAN in place, we are able to provide IOPS levels that are, quite simply, unmatched by virtually any other cloud hosting provider.  Our customers have database heavy e-commerce sites that require high performance storage to function properly.  Our cloud is able to guarantee you performance from 1k IOPS up to 100k IOPS without breaking a sweat.  To visualize just how fast our cloud truly is, check out this graph comparing our cloud storage against your run-of-the-mill single SSD and also against the Amazon Cloud system.


To find out how our high performance cloud solution can help you, get in touch with our sales engineering team today.  


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Managed Services Provider (MSP) Total Server Solutions today formally announced the availability of their new cloud platform at their Phoenix datacenter. This high performance cloud platform leverages the technical expertise and experience of the TSS engineering team to provide a solution that is scalable, reliable, easy, and extremely fast.

“Providing customers the right services that leverage our industrial strength infrastructure is what we’ve always prided ourselves on.” said Gary Simat, CEO at Total Server Solutions. The high performance cloud from Total Server Solutions lets customers fully utilize the infrastructure and levels of service for which Total Server Solutions is well respected. The Total Server Solutions Cloud Platform saw initial availability at TSS headquarters in Atlanta. The second phase of the cloud platform has been rolled out to their Phoenix, AZ datacenter facility.

“Above and beyond our service and attention to detail, our new cloud platform is very distinct from what other providers offer in that we can guarantee levels of performance across our cloud.” said Ryan DiRocco, CTO at Total Server Solutions. Mr. DiRocco goes on to state; “As a result of careful equipment selection and engineering, we are able to guarantee IOPS to our customers. Guaranteed performance is something that very few competitors are able to offer yet it’s a factor that is extremely important to our customers.”

Storage in the Total Server Solutions cloud is powered by an ultra-fast SSD based SAN from SolidFire. This high performance SAN coupled with backend network connectivity through the latest Arista networking equipment allows Total Server Solutions to guarantee industry leading performance levels across their entire cloud platform.

In addition, the cloud can be used in conjunction with bare metal servers to provide customers with solutions that are individually tailored to any need. The speed, reliability, scalability, and ease of use that underpins this new cloud system is the result of extensive planning and effort. It promises to revolutionize the way hosted services are handled. Customers desiring even greater levels of performance can pair their cloud resources with the Total Server Solutions CDN to provide an even more robust global footprint for their content.

“With the installation of additional cloud platform infrastructure at our Phoenix datacenter, we aim to provide our customers with another rock solid location to serve their content. This second cloud installation continues and enhances the main benefits of our high performance cloud platform: reliability, scalability, performance, and redundancy. ” said Gary Simat.

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There’s a new security issue causing headaches for many server owners running Linux, it’s called GHOST and designated as CVE-2015-0235.  A patch for this vulnerability was issued approximately two years ago.  But, most production linux servers are, even now, unprotected and unpatched.  One of the primary reasons for this is that after patching, all services that rely on glibc must be restarted.  Generally, this is most easily done with a full reboot.  For this reason, many systems remained unpatched.


This vulnerability affects nearly all linux-based applications that require perform a domain name resolution.  It can be called by anything which uses the “gethostbyname()” and “getbyhostname2()” functions of glibc.

Many services potentially vulnerable as a result of this issue include:

  • Exim
  • Apache
  • Cups
  • Dovecot
  • sendmail
  • Pure-FTPd
  • Many more…

Essentially, this is a remote code execution vulnerability which is quite severe.  It effects Linux installations that utilize the glibc library including the following popular distributions:

  • Red Hat or CentOS 5.x, 6.x, 7.x
  • Ubuntu 12.04
  • Debian 7
  • SUSE 11 and earlier

Luckily, if your Linux based server utilizes yum for package management, the fix is relatively simple.  From a root shell, running the following command should take care of this issue:

yum install glibc

If you’re using Debian or Ubuntu, you can use the following command to install the patch:

apt-get install glibc
As with anything though, knowledge is key to keeping yourself safe and secure.  If you have questions, or if you’re not sure if you’re vulnerable, please get in touch with our team of system administrators.  We’re always here and always ready to help keep you secured.


If you’re one of our customers who is under management, your equipment has already been taken care of and you’re safe & secure.  As with all security issues that arise, our team is always proactive in keeping you up to date.

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Total Server Solutions (TSS), a provider of managed services, facilities, and infrastructure announced today that they have partnered with Atlanta Tech Village (the Village) to provide serious bandwidth to help startups succeed and thrive. The Village has the singular goal of helping to support and inspire entrepreneurs to succeed by building a community based on integrity, respect, and connections.

The Village is not just an incubator, but is a commercial office building made exclusively for technology startups, and is one of the largest startup hubs in the country. It serves as a base of operation for nearly 200 technology startups and provides access to all of the necessary resources they need to take their ideas from thought to reality. Companies who call the Village home get access to a state of the art facility including work spaces, conference rooms, networking events, educational workshops, in addition to a coffee shop and other amenities. As a result of partnering with TSS, members of the Village get access to a fast, reliable, top-tier network that will provide the building with an industrial-strength bandwidth blend. Connectivity will be delivered over redundant 10G DWDM waves to a TSS/COLO@ POP with a maximum capacity of up to 20 Gbps.

“The Village has the mission of helping startups grow. Having gone through the startup process to grow into a solid company ourselves, we share similar goals.  We’re thrilled to be able to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams, just as we have here at TSS.” said Gary Simat, CEO at Total Server Solutions.

“Our newest COLO@ Atlanta datacenter is quite literally, just a mile down the street from the Village.  This, coupled with the fact that some of our fiber runs right past the building made this partnership easy.  We get to help the Village by bringing our global connectivity right to startups in Atlanta.  The logistics of this partnership couldn’t be better.  The Village gets great bandwidth and we get the satisfaction of playing a small part in the success of what’s next.” said Ryan DiRocco, CTO at Total Server Solutions.

Erin Lewis, Community Manager at the Village, goes on to state, “With over 700 people in the Village, having the fastest internet possible is a top priority. Entrepreneurs scaling their businesses here don’t have to worry about challenges that come with spotty internet. With two 10Gbps DWDM waves from the TSS metro network feeding the POP and redundant 1Gbps circuits feeding ATV routers, our members experience some of the fastest internet in Atlanta.”

About Total Server Solutions
Total Server Solutions was founded in 2005 with the goal of providing unsurpassed managed IT services.  Total Server Solutions provides high-performance cloud computing, e-commerce hosting, dedicated servers, colocation, and custom services worldwide. Focusing entirely on the needs of their customers the technical team at TSS bring to bear a depth of knowledge and skill unrivaled in the managed services space.

To learn more, please visit

About Atlanta Tech Village
The Atlanta Tech Village (the Village) is a community of technology innovation powered by a 103,000 square foot office building in the heart of Buckhead dedicated to fostering the growth of new, disruptive technology startups. As one of the fastest growing technology startup centers and coworking communities in the southeast, the Village is dedicated to fostering innovation, encouraging collaboration and driving economic development in the Atlanta community and beyond.

For more information, please visit

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Title:  Cloud Engineer

A high performance, scalable cloud is the future of hosted services.  The next several years will see one of the largest evolutions in the IT/hosted services market.  Our goal at Total Server Solutions is to always be ahead of trends.  We prefer to act, rather than react.  Our newly released high performance cloud platform boasts industry leading features and the highest guaranteed levels of performance.


We always strive to provide the most feature-rich services that are easy to use, always available, and fast.  Great people are the keys to the long term success of our operation.  If you want to be part of a tight-knit, expert team that’s at the forefront of powering the internet now and well into the future, Total Server Solutions would like to hear from you.


Our new Cloud Engineer will be responsible for the design, planning, and successful implementation of new features of our cloud platform.  The Cloud Engineer will work with technical team members to help troubleshoot unique issues for customers as well as interacting directly with the CTO to bring new ideas to fruition and improve protocols and practices.  This position will take ownership of development and quality of service across the Total Server Solutions cloud platform to ensure it meets the highest standards for speed, security, and reliability.


  • Leading in development, design, and implementation of service enhancements and solutions to support the Total Server Solutions cloud platform
  • Collaboration with other areas of the company to find ways to leverage cloud technologies to improve processes and drive efficiency.
  • Provide guidance and leadership to other teams within the company with regards to cloud deployment and best practices.
  • Maintain, service, and ensure continued reliability and performance of cloud platform.


Desired Qualifications & Expertise:

  • 3-5 years in designing and implementing and developing for cloud solutions.
  • Experience with other public cloud platforms (Amazon, Azure, etc.)
  • Experience in the hosted services space. (webhosting, datacenter operations, etc.)
  • Familiar with OnApp, Open Stack, or VMWare
  • Experience with WHMCS a plus.
  • Hands on experience developing solutions with Cloud Orchestration Tools (Chef, Puppet, CFEngine, etc.)
  • Strong Scripting Skills (Python, Perl, Bash, Powershell, etc.)
  • Hands on experience designing and implementing solutions leveraging multiple services within public cloud providers.
  • Strong Knowledge of IP networking concepts including VPC’s, VPN’s, VRF, DNS, Load-balancing, and Firewalls.
  • Understanding of SOA & REST.
  • Proven ability to lead change across large platforms / functional areas using innovative technology solutions.
  • Focus on customer service and figuring out customer needs proactively.
  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills based on data and results.
  • Active focus on improving processes and practices.  Being satisfied is never enough, there is always room for incremental improvement (kaizen)


What’s in it for you:

  • Competitive Salaries.
  • Medical Insurance.
  • Paid Time Off.
  • Educational Reimbursement.
  • Employee Activities.
  • Paid Parking.
  • 401k.

Total Server Solutions is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applicants are considered for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, ancestry, marital or veteran status.

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Total Server Solutions has immediate openings for experienced Linux administrators at our Buckhead Atlanta headquarters.  If you have no idea what Linux is, how a network works, or if you have never heard of MySQL, stop right here, this isn’t for you.  On the other hand, if you know *nix like the back of your hand, get a kick out of solving difficult problems, and want to be part of one of the best teams in the world, by all means, continue reading.


Total Server Solutions is looking for a highly motivated, experienced, knowledgeable Linux/UNIX systems administrator to round our tech team.  If you have years of experience managing large Internet based application clusters, heroic organizational skills, and revel in diagnosing and fixing problems, you’ll be a great fit.  As one of our Linux/UNIX system admins, you will be responsible for working out solutions to complex problems that our customers may encounter during their daily operations.  Great problem solving skills are a must.  As a growing, globally oriented company, we offer a relaxed work environment and great benefits.  We look forward to hearing from you!


Linux Systems Administrator – Linux Engineer Permanent


$35k-$40k / yearly


  • 3+ years of supporting Linux Servers in a production environment; CentOS or Redhat variants.
  • Motivation and ability to quickly learn and adapt.
  • Prior experience within a critical production environment.
  • Solid knowledge of LAMP Architectures (Perl/PHP/Python).
  • Knowledge of RedHat, CentOS, and other RPM based distributions.
  • Experience with replication, clustering, tuning, sizing, monitoring including operating systems for running the LAMP stack.
  • Experience in Shell Scripting (bash preferable).
  • Experience with Splunk, Zabbix or other system/device monitoring & logging tools.
  • Knowledge of Backup/Recovery/Upgrade procedures.
  • Experience working in 24/7 operational environments.
  • Expectation to be challenged.
  • High degree of independence and exceptional work ethic with exceptional communication skills.
  • Experience with control panel technologies including cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin.
  • Must be located, or willing to relocate to Atlanta, GA area.

Not Required but a huge plus:

  • Experience with management tools such as Puppet, Chef, etc.
  • Experience with automated system deployment tools and building pxe/kickstart/etc deployment scripts.
  • Bilingual. (Spanish a plus)
  • Experience with load balancing technologies.


What you’ll be doing:

  • Linux server maintenance, monitoring, security hardening, performance review
  • Managing MySQL database operations and all things database related.
  • Researching new platform architectures to support business requirements.
  • interact with customer and provide technical support via our helpdesk and live chat


What’s in it for you:

  • Competitive Salaries.
  • Medical Insurance.
  • Paid Time Off.
  • Educational Reimbursement.
  • Employee Activities.
  • Paid Parking.
  • 401k.


So, if you are a Linux System Engineer, Linux System Administrator or Linux Engineer with experience, please contact today!  When contacting Total Server Solutions, please state your salary and any other compensation expectations.

Total Server Solutions is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applicants are considered for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, ancestry, marital or veteran status.

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2014 was a big year here at Total Server Solutions.  We experienced substantial growth, acquired new talent, launched new products, and added a new facility to our datacenter lineup.  In case you missed the news of the past year, here’s a round up of what you need to know.



Acquisitions & Talent

Over the past year we have acquired additional technical experts and new brands.  Early this year we took over management of HandsOnWebHosting.  HandsOn was a top-tier e-commerce hosting provider.  We shared the same ethos of putting the customer first and providing great services with a focus on E-Commerce.  The technical team we brought on board as a result of this acquisition has greatly enhanced our own technical team.  Bringing in new talent is always a challenge, but integrating the HandsOn team into our existing technical team has been a pleasure and has resulted in even faster ticket response times as well as added depth and expertise from which to draw.

 Brand Consolidation

Another thing you may have noticed in the past year is that we have consolidated all of our disparate brands under the Total Server Solutions banner.  Previously, we had numerous brands, each serving a different market segment, with their own distinct websites, backend systems, and customer bases.  In an effort to more effectively direct our technical resources we spent considerable time and energy unifying and consolidating EWDHosting, WireSix, and HandsOnWebHosting into Total Server Solutions.


We are however, maintaining our colocation brand, COLO@ under its own brand. This allows us great flexibility in branding our facilities and providing enterprise level datacenter services that are outside of our traditional webhosting market.


New Products

2014 has seen the addition of several new and unique products and services that provide real benefits to our customers.  We launched a globe-spanning Content Delivery Network to speed the transfer of the content that our customers rely on.  The Total Server Solutions CDN empowers e-commerce site owners to do more business, improve their SEO, and make more money by using the speed of the CDN and the expertise of the TSS technical team.


DDoS protection is something that many of our customers have asked about in the past.  Well, we listened.  We launched a Distributed Denial of Service protection service to combat the growing wave of threats that have the potential to impact both our customers as well as our own infrastructure.  We partnered with Staminus, an acknowledged leader in the IT security space to help us provide this service to our customers on an as needed basis.  DDoS protection is something that can vastly improve your content delivery, especially if you are the target of frequent threats and attacks.


Our New Datacenter in Atlanta


The biggest announcement of 2014 was the addition of another datacenter facility in Atlanta.  We acquired complete control of datacenter operations at 470 East Paces Ferry Road.  This new datacenter gets the designation ATL03.  It’s a top tier facility boasting HIPAA compliance and round-the-clock security.  Its power and network infrastructure are second to none with fully UPS and generator backed power as well as a robust cooling system.


While this new datacenter will provide for even more growth in our hometown of Atlanta, we are continuing to maintain and upgrade our existing datacenter at 34 Peachtree (ATL01).  Our goal is to plan for future growth so we can continually accommodate your needs.  Being proactive with acquiring new datacenter space is key to giving you the space and infrastructure in which to grow and thrive.


Onward to 2015


The entire team here at Total Server Solutions would like to thank you for your business and trust in the past year.  2014 has been a great year and 2015 will be even better.  We sincerely appreciate the trust you place in our dedicated team.  It’s our sole mission to repay that trust with the finest services available.

2015 is going to be big.  We’re glad you’re along for the ride.